Credit & Exemption Forms
Barn Property Tax Exemption   (Updated 10/11/2019)

Broadband Infrastructure Exemption information    Click here for the form (updated 11/2/16)
Business Property Tax Credit Application (Updated 03-06-17) - Click here for information about this credit  (Updated Sept. 2016)

Cattle Facilities Exemption (Updated 03-07-17)
Credit Union Statement to Assessor    
This confidential report is under the purview of the Iowa Department of Commerce. The DOC has changed its process and is now sending pre-populated forms to the credit unions to submit to the counties with their payments. 

Data Center Business Property Tax Exemption  (Updated 03-23-17)
Declaration of Value Form  (Updated 03-15-17)

Disabled Veteran Homestead Tax Credit   (Updated 08-01-18)

Family Farm Tax Credit   (Updated 03-16-17)

Forest Cover Exemption  (Updated 08-18-16) 

Forest Reservation Exemption  (Updated 03-21-17) 

Fruit Tree Reservation Exemption   (Updated 03-21-17)

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Exemption   (Updated 03-16-17)

Grain Handling/Grain Tax   (Updated 03-07-17)

Historic Property Rehabilitation Exemption   (Updated 08-29-16)
Homestead Tax Credit   (Updated 03-06-17)

Homestead/Military notice of transfer or change in use  (Updated 03-07-17)

Impoundment Exemption  (Updated 03-07-17)

Industrial Property Tax Exemption - 427B  (Updated 03-07-17)
Manufactured/Mobile Home Parks Storm Shelter Exemption  (Updated 08-31-16) 

Methane Gas Conversion Exemption   (Updated 03-14-17)
Military Exemption  (Updated 03-07-17)   

Native Prairie Exemption: 
Department of Natural Resources version
  Department of Revenue version  (Updated 03-06-17)   
One-Room School House Preservation Property Tax Exemption  (Updated 03-31-17)   

Open Prairies Exemption  (Updated 08-18-16)   

Pollution Control Exemption  (Updated 03-16-17)

Recreational Lakes Exemption (Updated 08-18-17)  

Recycling Exemption  (Updated 03-16-17)  

Reimbursement from state on credits not received due to clerical error (taxes were fully paid for that year) 
(Additional documentation is also needed for the owner to be reimbursed)

Religious and Charitable Exemption  (Updated 03-07-17)     

Rivers and Streams Exemption  (Updated 08-18-16)   

River and Stream Banks Exemption  (Updated 08-18-16)   

Section 42 Housing Reporting Form    (Click here for 2018 reporting form)
Speculative Shell Buildings Property Tax Exemption  (Updated 05-10-17) 

Urban Revitalization Exemption  (No form - It is specific to each city)
Web Search Portal Exemption  (Updated 08-19-16)

Wildlife Habitat Exemption  (Updated 05-2015 by DNR)   

Wetlands Exemption:
  Department of Natural Resources version
  Department of Revenue version  (Updated 03-06-17)   
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